• The Holsim Metri-Treating Model allows students to learn to detect cows with endometritis.


    • Students are able to identify at-risk cows at calving time and treat any uterine infections with antibiotics.


    Students learn how to examine, identify and treat cows with uterine infections.


    • Students can learn to identify at-risk and infected cows and treat them to increase reproductive and economic performance.
    • Students should be able to recognise each body part of the cow through feel and diagnose endometritis with the detecting device.
    • This product was developed in conjunction with Agri-Health NZ. 

    Metri-Treating Model


    Anatomically Correct

    • Replicated the uterine and horns, vaginal tract, cervix, vulva and rectum of the cow.


    Standalone Rig

    • Easy table top rig for easy classroom learning and transportation.


    Packs Down

    • The Metri-Treating Model packs down into separate components for easy compact travelling and set up is just as easy.


    Realistic Feel

    • Silicone components and Holsim Sim Poo create a lifelike tactile experience for the user.