• The Bird Bandaging Model is an anatomically correct model for practising bandaging techniques in order to reduce pain and stabilise fractures.

    The bird has humurus, radius, ulna, metacarpus and phalanx bones with primary, secondary and tertiary feathers attached.

    Stretchy silicone connects the wing bones to the body to replicate the tendon’s instinctive drawback.

    Positionable wings allow them to be rotated and fold against the body naturally.

    The model is weighted accordingly to represent a juvenile male of the species selected.

    Other colours/bird breeds of similar size, as below, may be requested:

    • African Grey Parrot
    • Blue and Gold Macaw
    • Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
    • Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot
    • Scarlet Macaw

    Bird Bandaging Model (Parrot)

    SKU: A100-000