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  • Anatomically precise 3D printed dog bones.

    3D printed bones accurately show important osteological features of the hind limb, from the hip down to the digits, enabling students to learn and identify the name, position and function of the features.

    The bones come pre-drilled in exactly the right places (for threading together) to allow easy demonstration of how the joints fit together and the major ligaments of joints. Bones can be drawn on with water-based pens and then washed clean in soapy water.

    Holsim Dog Bones were 3D scanned from bones prepared from a single real dog, and then 3D printed from renewable bioplastic. Because the original scan data for the bones came from a single dog, all of the bones are in proportion and fit together snuggly.

    Articulated Canine Hind Leg Bones


    Anatomically Correct

    • 3D scanned and printed from real dog bones, the Holsim Dog Bones reflect the size exactly.
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