• The Holsim Artificial Birthing Cow is a transportable training mannequin for classroom teaching of calving techniques.


    • Veterinary students are provided with the opportunity to experience the process in a controlled environment with clear assessment and feedback from the tutor. Once the student has this initial training, they are well prepared to get the most out of live animal training and the experiences that follow.
    • Please note you must also purchase a birthing calf to utilise this model.


    It takes only a few minutes to prepare the calf and cow for the birthing procedure.


    • The calf is placed in the uterus bag and liberally covered with the provided simulated amniotic fluid. The bag is then zipped up and the hood closed ready for the student to practice their technique. The calf can be placed in the uterus bag in a range of positions to provide easy through to difficult birthing scenarios.

    Artificial Birthing Cow


    Anatomically Correct

    • Modelled from actual bovine anatomy. Each cow has its own uterus, rectum and birth canal.


    Temperature Controlled

    • For a life like feel, the cow is thermostatically regulated to a bovine body temperature of 38°C.


    Sim-Amniotic Fluid

    • Techniques to manage the calf and provide lubrication during the birthing procedure.


    Removable Rump & Tail

    • For easy cleaning and maintenance, the uterus bag unzips from the birth canal for cleaning, and the rump and tail can be removed from the cow.